YMCA Teesdale is delighted to have been selected to deliver youth support at RAF Lemming as part of a countrywide collaboration between YMCA’s and the RAF Benevolent Fund from January 2022.

The RAF Benevolent Fund awarded the collaboration of YMCA’s a 4 year, nationwide contract, to deliver their flagship ‘Airplay’ youth support scheme as well as their ‘Ben Club’ (for children 5 to 7 years). The team at YMCA Teesdale are already working hard in preparation for delivering the programmes at what is their local RAF base.

Airplay is approaching its 11th birthday and is designed to help meet the social, recreational and developmental needs of children and young people of the RAF family, as well as providing respite and support to their parents. Growing up as part of a military family has its challenges, as parents often spend long periods away from home, and children are required to move school and home frequently. Airplay aims to address these issues by providing a safe place for youngsters to spend time with their peers, with support on hand if needed. ‘Airplay Connect’ is an extension of the Airplay programme; a digital platform developed for children living away from stations and helps them to stay in touch and engaged.

The very essence of Airplay will continue as it always has done; delivering excellent youth work and play work activities across the RAF’s plethora of bases. The collaboration of YMCAs will be building on the outstanding track record of Airplay by exploiting digital opportunities and expanding the breadth of what the programme provides.

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