“I got involved with YMCA Teesdale as a young person. I enjoyed attending the drop-in sessions as it helped me create a strong relationship with the organisation. This relationship has helped me carry on, now being a volunteer being with the YMCA. My first volunteering experience was as a member of the Small Grants Panel. My experience on the Small Grants Panel was extremely enjoyable, which has unfortunately come to an end, but it encouraged me to carry on engaging with YMCA Teesdale.

I carried on my as a volunteer and started to help with the drop-in centres in Barnard Castle and Cockfield.

I enjoyed this experience enormously as I got to see the YMCA in a whole new perspective, for example the work that YMCA Teesdale does to ensure that young people are given a good service.  Along the way, I have gained so many skills and qualities which has helped me prepare for future success.

When I started volunteering I found it hard to adapt from a young person to a member of a team. Through the friendliness of friends and colleagues, helping with every step of the way, I feel that I am now a member of a great team.

I’ve just finished my apprenticeship with YMCA Teesdale that I have thoroughly enjoyed, seeing the other side of the YMCA.  I have had to adapt to doing office work and being a lot more organised, having good time keeping, sticking to deadlines and following a rota. I can now use my skills even further with the YMCA,  I have now been offered a full time job as a youth worker. I am very proud, I have proven that all the hard work I have put in as a volunteer and as an apprentice has paid off.


I’m currently organising and delivering sport sessions every Tuesday. This has given me a lot of independence as it’s my work which I am delivering to the community. I am really enjoying this section of my work, sport is something which I am very interested in. My work is giving the young people in the community a chance to get involved in something that they may not have thought about before.”


Josh B.