As the merger of YMCA Teesdale and YMCA North Tyneside gathers pace, so does our need for volunteers. We are asking our community to help. We have volunteering places available within our Youth WorkCafes and Retail shop or maybe you’d like to consider becoming a Trustee.

If you can not volunteer at this time but still wish to help, please consider making a donation here.



YMCA Teesdale is a Company Limited by Guarantee.

You would be jointly responsible with other trustees for:

  • Ensuring that the YMCA Teesdale is governed properly and in accordance with The Charity Commission’s and Companies House requirements.
  • Enabling the organisation to shape a strategy to deliver its aims and objectives.
  • Ensuring all statutory, legal and financial obligations are met.
  • Being an employer of paid staff.
  • Working to positively promote and support Teesdale YMCA’s values and profile.
  • The skills/experience you might bring to the roll; through relevant professional skills and employment experience:
    • Financial.
    • Administrative.
    • Educational.
    • Youth work.
    • Social work.
    • Business.
    • Legal.
    • Media.
  • Community involvement in Teesdale.
  • A passion for enabling young people and others to be safe and to develop their potential.
  • You would also need to demonstrate:
    • The ability to be a team player at a senior level.
    • Have the skill to sift, consider and process complex information.
    • Be able to articulately explain your thoughts.
    • Can contribute to informed decision-making.
  • Respect confidentiality.

Interested in volunteering as a Trustee? Please get in touch.


How to get in touch

Telephone : 01833 695780 (during normal office hours).

Email: hannah@teesdaleymca.com / info@teesdaleymca.com

Contact form on the website or via Facebook.

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