YMCA Teesdale recently received funding from TAP which allowed the team to help out the local community.

Thanks to this funding, YMCA Teesdale were able to put together 40 activity packs including healthy snacks as well as art and craft items. These packs were then handed out to children and young people in the village during the half-term holidays.

During this time, many families in the area were suffering financially so this kind gesture provided free pack lunches which was one less meal to worry about for the recipients.
With very little to do during these difficult times, the art and craft packs provided young people with some entertainment and a welcome distraction from the tediosity of lockdown life.

If you would like more information about the amazing work carried out by YMCA Teesdale, please contact us here. if you wish to make a small donation and help us provide the resources we need to transform the lives of vulnerable young people, please donate here.