Drug and alcohol awareness sessions run weekly at our Barnard Castle youth clubs.

One of the activities that is a huge success with our young people is the “beer goggle basket ball challenge”. As the name suggests, we play basketball with beer goggles on. A beer goggle is a large eye mask with distorted lenses simulating drunkenness.

Young people thoroughly enjoy gaining awareness of drugs that are around, and we try to do this as interactively as possible. Some young people have great knowledge of drugs and alcohol, some are even able to name more drugs than some of the staff.

We use many positive and diversionary activities including, sobriety tests (with and without the beer goggles), quizzes, talks from former alcoholics and drug users and much more.



Our aim is to:
  • Provide informative drug and alcohol awareness, the dangers and health problems associated with drugs, alcohol and smoking.
  • Open discussions about peer pressure, short and long term effects of drinking, binge drinking, Illegal drugs and legal highs.
  • Explore attitudes and opinions.
  • Provide harm reduction information.
  • Signpost to local / national drug and alcohol treatment services.

We have lots of resources available to young people and we hope to further develop the resources that we have.


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Beer goggles