Over the weekend, Hayley accepted the post of Community Cafe Supervisor for YMCA’s cafe service in Cockfield. We are sure everyone will join in congratulating Hayley in this new and exciting position. 

Hayley is not a new face to the team as she has worked for for the Community Cafe for over 7 years and has been a dedicated member of staff throughout all of the changes that have gone on in the Cafe.  Hayley, along with the rest of the team prepares and serves high quality, home-cooked food, enjoyed by all who come into the Community Cafe. 

Hayley developed a passion for cooking at an early age while living at home with her dad and would regularly bake with her Nanna. This tradition now runs through the family as her daughter Ava is also a keen baker and they spend time in the kitchen together when Hayley isn’t at work.

Hayley puts this passion and creativity into her cooking every day in the cafe and is constantly coming up with new items to add to the menu.

When Hayley was asked why she works for YMCA Community Cafe, she replied “I work for the YMCA because I enjoy the work we do not only in the cafe but within the Community ie: Our Senior Lunch Club bringing people together, the families that come along to our activities and I think it is a great meeting point for people to socialise with friends or meet new people while enjoying our homemade food, which we put a lot of pride and effort into. I am really happy and excited to learn more within my job role and take on responsibilities while still working closely with our team and the community delivering high standards of food and a professional service.” 

Hayley and the team, work hard to make the Community Cafe a welcoming place for all types of people from all backgrounds. They don’t judge and offer support and services for a range of things, from the food bank to the reduction of social isolation, and much more. The cafe is a child-friendly, safe place for families to meet and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while indulging in fresh, home-cooked lunches. The cafe also offers different discount schemes; one for seniors and one for families which help people financially, especially during school holidays.

Hayley ended by commenting,  “I love my job and really enjoy coming to work. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing our regular customers and introducing them to what we can offer as a YMCA. I enjoy seeing people happy, socialising with others while enjoying the food and drinks we have on offer. I like to know we are helping those who cannot leave the house and their families in making sure they have a homemade dinner delivered to them which takes some of the pressure off family members who work or just cannot be there to help. I take pride in everything we do and serve, hoping to make the Community Cafe a place people feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.”

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